• School Shopping Clothes

    How many "outfits" does a child need to return to school?  How many are still wearable from the year before?  Most kids have probably outgrown last years pants, tops and shoes, if they haven't

  • Push Back

    One of the hardest parts of money management for me is sharing it. Sometimes I think a change should be made to save - but my spouse likes what we have and drags his feet. I understand this,


    A new year, a new goal, a new idea, a new resolution. Which one or do they all pertain to you? I always start the new year with great "I'll do better" goals. I usually get a month of two out

  • Is it really that time of year again? Christmas!

    Oh NO - it's time already!  We all love Christmas, we love the joy and excitement of it.  We do not like the expense of it.  There are ways to keep to a budget.  My

  • I’m not selling anything!

    Did you know that if you are not selling anything and just have a blog to share thoughts and ideas - you get a lot of offers to help you sell it?  Do you think they are reading my blog or just

  • Halloween Costumes

    When we were young - many moons ago - purchased costumes were rare.  Now you go into a super store and buy a chintzy  one that just slips over whatever the child is wearing and off you go.  We


    Do you realize the older we get the more medicine we take?  Do you realize the older we get the more health issues we seem to develop?  Do you realize every time we go see a medical professional

  • CELL Phone – It’s Here!

    Well, the decision was made, the service was arranged, the phone was purchased and it was turned on today.  It totally started my day off with a big "angry headache". The husband says, "The


    In 2018, a customer at a Trader Joe's identified Owens, who worked the cash register. The customer snapped photos of Owens and sent them to The Daily Mail. The publication of the photos has been

  • Have you ever been tempted to Can fresh vegetables?

    I am a city girl.  My mother did not can.  My father's family did, but they lived in Texas.  Some even lived on farms back in the day, canning was a way of life.  My husband's mother and


    My husband and I have avoided cell phones.  We do not want to be reached 24 hours a day by anyone.  We have a land line with an answering machine.  We do NOT have the extras with that either,