Are you taken in by commercials?  That one that goes “……….has just what you need” even temps me to go look!  And there is nothing I NEED!

And doesn’t it drive you nuts that the commercial is played at a louder volume than the show you are watching.  Sometimes I can’t hear the movie so I turn up the volume, then get blown out of my seat by the commercial!  Of course they play it louder so we can all hear it when we are in the kitchen or bathroom.  

The little  commercial jingles are catchy and pretty soon you find yourself singing along and sometimes even after and beyond.  Of course it has a big purpose, to make you think about the product, store, etc.  But it drives me crazy, when I get a tune stuck in my head!  (I have to turn on the radio and find something to replace it.)  Then of course you get the ones that play some of your favorite songs, the “car” driving with the windows down and a great song on the radio.  Gosh what car commercial is that?  Well. I know if I buy that car it won’t just play all my favorite songs, right?

Everyone needs at least one pair

I think we can all be tempted to buy……but things we don’t need and maybe even want!  I can watch a few shows that have daily deals and boy do I think, “that is a great deal, I should get that”.  How many pairs of sunglasses does this girl need?  Believe me – I have a drawer full of them, and each one suppose to be better then the one before.  I have them with bifocals and without – blue, brown, turquoise, glare blocking, scratch resistant.  No more!!!  I absolutely walk out of the room when that segment of a show comes on, just too tempting for me.  Plus the more the sunglasses cost the easier for me to loose, for some reason the ones I pay no more than $10 for, I never misplace.

Back to commercials – for every one that catches your eye, stays in your head, tempts you are winners.  The company that came up with that commercial has been successful.  Try watching one and concentrating on what the “advertising genius” was thinking when he came up with the idea for that ad.  It takes the product out of your head and makes you think of something totally different.  Would you have been able to think of  a successful selling ad?

My mother in law use to say, I don’t know what commercials are trying to sell anymore – they have nothing to do with the product.  Ha – made her pay attention, right?  But she was right, there are some commercials that are way out there and never say or show anything about the product till the end.  Those still leave me stymied!  Always wonder what the ad exec was thinking.  Just think four years of university to get a degree in marketing and this is what they came up with?