When we were young – many moons ago – purchased costumes were rare.  Now you go into a super store and buy a chintzy  one that just slips over whatever the child is wearing and off you go.  We would get excited about what we were going to be.  That was as much fun as trick or treating.

Martha Washington Dress

One year my mom was sewing a Martha Washington dress for me – and she made me promise not to share that information with anyone, yes it was a great thing to have a mother who sewed.  It was a colonial dress in blue, I can still see it.  My BFF next door would not tell me what she was going to be either, yes she also was blessed with a mother who sewed.  I bet you already know what happened, right?  When we came out of our houses to go trick or treating together, there she stood in a Martha Washington dress in pink and me inn the exact same outfit in blue – we were so happy!

Today I see the same box store purchase on many children, makes me a bit sad that the fun of dressing up is being missed.  But now, I follow many sewing fb pages and see many ladies making princess dresses, a Pinocchio suit, a peter pan outfit, and more.  It lifts my heart to see these homemade costumes coming back in vogue.  I decided to look up homemade costumes and saw a wide variety.  Really some smart thinkers out there!  

A Lego

Rubik’s cube
Love the old man, have no idea how they did the plastic army man

Mac and Cheese – some paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls, painted yellow, a bit of cheap mustard yellow stuffed in a what?  Get the mind juices bubbling.  One year a nephew of mine wanted to be a refrigerator, two boxes painted white with a cardboard handle glued on, the freezer door was open.  There was his head covered in a white blue makeup and frozen vegetable packages stacked around him.  I don’t know exactly what they stuffed those packages with, but a bit of icy looking flakes, he looked terrific.