• Ways To Spend Less

    A few weeks ago , I read a blog on Creative Ways to Spend Less.  https://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com/creative-ways-to-spend-less.  Some of the ideas are worth trying. One I like and use -

  • TOO Many Shoes………

    Can you have too many shoes? Are you Imelda Marcos? Well we all know that story.  Did you know she had over 3,00 pair of shoes? Did you know many of those ended up ruined by the floods in the

  • “SNOWBALL” Effect

    Today on GMA they showed a couple who paid off $100+ of debt in 3 years!  Amazing.  They scrimped and lived "below" their means - and where debt free in 3 years!!!  That is quite a feat and

  • School Shopping Clothes

    How many "outfits" does a child need to return to school?  How many are still wearable from the year before?  Most kids have probably outgrown last years pants, tops and shoes, if they haven't

  • Back to School Shopping – and Saving

    Is it that time again, already?  Can't go into a store that isn't pushing "back to school" specials.  The local superstore has lists from the teachers printed up for your convenience, how

  • Summer Cold and Company, oh my!!!

    What do you say to someone who is kind enough to share a summer cold with you - which in turn you had to share with your spouse and summer guests?  I have absolutely dragged trying to take care

  • Can I be too cautious?

    Funny, I am serious about trying to help people manage their money.  I am serious about doing this by helping change their way of thinking about money and spending.  It absolutely drives me crazy

  • What do you need to buy?

     What we want versus what we need. When you go shopping, do you take a list?  Do you buy ONLY buy what is on your list?  Few of us do.  But if you are trying to manage your money and get ahead

  • Can you pay CASH?

    Charge or Cash   SHOPPING are you?  Well, can you pay cash for it?  Even if you charge it, do you have the cash in your checking account to pay the bill off at the end of the

  • What is Your Money Worth?

     No matter how many times I go out in the rain, I have never seen pennies from heaven.  No coins raining down for me! I also learned that there is no such thing as a money tree - and you can't