I am a Michigander – and I am proud of Detroit, and what it has given us – Motor City, Motown, Aretha Franklin!!!

We have had some fantastic Motown stars – and it is hard to accept that they (and us) are older and passing.  So sad to lose a lady with such a wonderful voice and humanitarian spirit.  My sister posted on Facebook yesterday,

Lost the King 41 years ago today and lost the Queen today – they are making beautiful music in heaven.

circulating FB on August 16, 2018

When Aretha made stardom, people had RESPECT for one another.  Believe it or not there really was a time that you didn’t worry about someone stealing your bike out of your yard.  People didn’t lock their cars or their houses.  No one would think to come into your house uninvited, unless they were in danger.  People were courteous of others’ possessions and would not even think of taking them.  

And you would NEVER steal from a store!  If you were  tempted and say you picked up a piece of candy, well your mom would find out.  She would take you back to the store to return what you hadn’t eaten, pay for what you did and face the manager to confess and ask for forgiveness.  

A short story, about a sister-in-law.  She had a terrible experience with a cashier at a grocery store, I don’t remember the particulars but when she got home she was still steaming.  I was there with her 3-year-old daughter.  We listened to her rant and rave about this lady, then she said, “well she didn’t get my bag of potatoes on the bottom shelf of my cart, ha!”  I looked at my niece and said, “Mom isn’t really going to steal those potatoes, she is just angry right now.”  My sister-in-law turned around and drove back to the store.  It was more important to teach her daughter not to steal then to get one up on the cashier, don’t you agree?

In my humble opinion, we are not teaching our children to have pride in earning money, saving money and buying something they worked and saved for.  It is true – people take better care of things they have bought with their OWN money.

Really looks like fun on a hot day

An allowance is a good thing but IMHO chores should be part of the equation.  Again, working for the money to give  a sense of accomplishment and pride.  

Then the lesson of saving for the thing they really want.   I have a dear friend whose mother had a money-box and it had 5 sections, one for each child.  At the end of the week she would put each child’s allowance in their slot.  When my friend would ask for money for something frivolous, her mom would open the box and pull out her money.  She would tell her the total and remind her of something she was wanting and how much it would cost.  My friend could decide if she wanted to spend some of it now or continue to save for that special buy.


Saving for that new Nintendo WII game is probably what it would be today – but I sure wish it was a bike!  Oh the good ol’days!